CoPIs Presentation at Second Meeting
    Asunción  – Paraguay , October 10-12, 2001.

CRN 055 , Timetable and Activities   and  
Report of activities until July 31, 2001
Mario Nuñez
Floods in the la Plata River Basin: Pilot Project on impact and Climate Forcing
Vicente Barros
PROSUR Human Dimensions Pilot Project
Silvina Solman/
Matilde Rusticucci 
Climatology of Extreme Precipitation Events in the Paraná Basin.
Brant Liebmann
(Carolina Vera)
Extremes on temperatures, precipitation and runoffs: Climatic Aspects
Walter Vargas
On the dynamics of daily extreme precipitation events in the state of São Paulo
Carolina Vera
The role of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean on the La Plata Basin precipitation: Statistical Analysis and Numerical Simulations
Tercio Ambrizzi
Strong South America low-level jet events characterization and implications for enhanced precipitation
Matilde Nicolini
Studies on intraseasonal, seasonal, interannual, and interdecadal climate variability in the La Plata River basin
Jose Marengo
The ENSO 1997/98. A numerical simulation and its regional effects.
Mario Nuñez
Simulations and experiments using CPTEC/COLA AGCM to analyze precipitation anomalies over Southern/Southeastern South America.
Iracema Cavalcanti
The Hydrologic Cycle of the La Plata basin. Part II: Eta Model Studies.
Hugo Berbery
Midsummer circulation in subtropical South America: Monsoon component.
Vicente Barros
How do La Niña events disturb the summer monsoon system in Brazil?
Alice Grimm
Some aspects of seasonal climate variability over Southern-Central South America and opportunities for applications
Guillermo Berri
Using precipitation quintiles for assessing dry spells over Uruguay and for linking monthly variability with regional anomalies in SST, OLR and 850 hPa fields.
Mario Caffera
Further results on river discharge in the Plata Basin and SST anomalies
Pedro Silva Dias
Extremes temperatures probability distributions and ENSO phase
Mario Bidegain
Regional Climate Forecasting with Dynamic Vegetation
Maria A. Silva Dias
Characterization of flooded areas on the Paraguay River. 
(not available)
Roger Monte Domec
Pilot Project on Climate Variability and Agriculture
Genaro Coronel
  PROSUR :interaction with other CRNs  
Carolina Vera
Jose Marengo
  SACC (not available) Hugo Berbery