CoPIs Presentation at Boulder Workshop
    Boulder – Co., USA, July 10-12, 2000.

Background of the CRN Project and Objetives
Mario Nuñez
Climate monitoring and Prediction at CPTEC
Iracema Cavalcanti
Numerical simultions of the Andes LLJ: sensitivity to model resolution and physiscs
Pedro Silva Dias
South America LLJ: Preliminary results
Matilde Nicolini
Case study and numerical simulation of an inverted comma cluod over Paraguay and Southern Brazil
Maria Silva Dias
Extreme daily precipitation events in southeast South America
Brant Liebmann
Variations of South America circulation on subseasonal time scales
Carolina Vera
Interannual and intraseasonal variations of South America summer monsoon
Alice Grimm
Upper air wave trains over the Pacific Ocean and wintertime cold surges in subtropical South America
Tércio Ambrizzi
  Temporal Changes in Teleconnectivity Associated with ENSO Marty Hoerling
a) Downscaling experiments at CIMA
b) Water vapor transport over Argentina: observations and reanalyses.
Mario Nuñez
Relevancia e impacto del modelado en Mesoescala respecto a la region de interés para Uruguay
Mario Caffera
  Climate variability simulated by CPTEC/COLA AGCM over the PROSUR area. Iracema Cavalcanti
The South American Monsoon and its role in the Hydrological Cycle of the La Plata River
Hugo Berbery
Some Climate and Hydrology variability on the Argentina regions.
Walter Vargas
The Paraná River response to El Niño 1982-83 and 1997-98 events.
Vicente Barros
Variabilidad de la Precipitación y Temperatura, Hidrología y Rendimiento Agrícolas asociados a eventos ENSO en Paraguay.
Genaro Coronel
El Niño y los impactos ambientales en el Paraguay
Benjamin Grassi
Investigación en Variabilidad Climática en Uruguay y Perspectivas Futuras.
Mario Bidegain
    Diana Liverman
    Andrea Ray (NOAA/OGP)
Some thoughts on climate applications reasearch for Rio De La Plata institutions.
Sean Willard (NOAA/OGP)
Floods in the la Plata River Basin: Pilot Project on impact and Climate Forcing
Vicente Barros
  PROSUR and VAMOS/CLIVAR Carolina Vera
  SALLJ/VAMOS Field experiment Matilde Nicolini
  PROSUR and LBA/GEWEX Pedro Silva Dias
  Data Needs and Management Vicente Barros and Brant Liebmann
  Communication Issues. PROSUR homepage. Two years report book Pedro Silva Dias and Matilde Nicolini