CoPIs Presentation at Third Meeting
    Mar del Plata - Argentina , October 14-17, 2002.


 Background of the CRN Project and Objectives.
Mario Nuñez


 Interdecadal, interannual and intraseasonal climate variability. Impacts and mechanisms Report.     
Alice Grimm / 
Tercio Ambrizzi
 Extreme Events Report.
Brant Liebmann
/ Carolina Vera
 South American low level Jet Report
Matilde Nicolini, Jose Marengo,  Maria A. Silva Dias
 Land surface processes Report.
J.A. Marengo /
P.L. Silva Dias
 Atmospheric Modeling Report.
Iracema FA Cavalcanti/
Mario Nuñez


 PROSUR Rio de la Plata Pilot Project. Update and results
Vicente Barros 
  PROSUR Human Dimensions of Floods Pilot Project: 
Silvina Solman/ Matilde Rusticucci /
PROSUR Human Dimensions Pilot Project: Media Communication about Climate. Case study: El Niño 1997/98 in Argentina. 
Matilde Rusticucci /
Silvina Solman
Frontal systems climatology over southeastern South America and associated atmospheric circulation, in a GCM simulation.
Iracema Cavalcanti /
Luiz Coura da Silva
Climate modeling at CIMA: Architecture of the modeling system and preliminary results.
Silvina Solman, Claudio Menendez,  Mario Nuñez
Regional simulation of southern South America climate for summer
M.F. Cabre, N. Castillo, B. Cerne, C. Menendez, M. Nuñez, A. Rolla, S. Solman
Interdecadal Variability in Brazil: seasonality and relationship with ENSO events.
Alice Grimm
Further analysis of the El Niño and La Niña impacts on the Subtropical South America: Evolution of the precipitation anomalies on pentad timescale.
Everaldo de Souza / Tercio Ambrizzi
Extremes and daily range temperatures in Uruguay conditioned to ENSO phenomena.
Mario Bidegain / Madelaine Renom
Inter-El Niño (and La Niña) variability of the Southern Hemisphere circulation during austral spring.
C. Vera, G. Silvestri, V. Barros, A. Carril 
Warm and Cold events in Argentina and their relationship with sea surface temperatures in the South Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
M.  Rusticucci, Silvia Venegas, Walter Vargas
On the leading modes of sea surface temperature variability in the South Atlantic Ocean.
C. Vera, V. Palestanga, A. Piola 
The South American monsoon and interannual climate variability south of 20º  South
Marcela Gonzalez, Vicente Barros, Moira Doyle
Review of 4 years of Climate Outlook Forums of Southeast South America.
Guillermo Berri / Pablo Antico
Sub seasonal Variations of Rainfall in the Vicinity of the South American Low-Level Jet and Comparison to those in the South Atlantic Convergence Zone.
Brant Liebmann
Climatology of Low-Level Jet East of the Andes as derived from the NCEP reanalyses. Temporal and spatial variability
J. Marengo, W. Soares, C. Saulo, M. Nicolini
Modes of water vapor transports: their contributions over subtropical and central Argentina, using radiosonde observations.
Adriana Fernandez
The Northwestern Argentinean Low: 
 A study of two typical events
M. Seluchi, C. Saulo, M. Nicolini and Prakki Satyamurty
Relacoes entre os tropicos e subtropicos associados ao padrao bimodal da circulacao de verao sobre a America do Sul
Dirceu Herdies, Maria A. Silva Dias
An application of a soil water budget model, in the MERCOSUR region.
J. Tomasella, J. Marengo, M. Doyle and G. Coronel
An example of interaction between surface processes and the atmosphere: biomass burning in South America
P.L. Silva Dias, S.R. Freitas, K.M. Longo, M.A. Silva Dias
Variability of UVB irradiance measurements during biomass burning episodes.(preliminary evaluations)
Marcelo de Paula Correa, Genaro Coronel
PROSUR Rio de la Plata Pilot Project. Update and results
Vicente Barros 
The VAMOS/PLATIN Programme. Update
Pedro Leite Silva Dias
GEWEC-CEOP contributions to PROSUR
Jose Marengo 
Alberto Piola
Some approaches to the Rio de la Plata modeling
Pablo Jacovkis
Numerical experiments using the HAMSOM/CIMA model applied to the Rio de la Plata.
C.G. Simionato, W. Dragani, M. Nuñez,V. Meccia y L. Millan
Hydrology of the La Plata basin
Hugo Berbery
Modeling the surface hydrology of the La Plata river basin
using the CPTEC/COLA AGCM.
Jose Marengo and Collaborators
1950-2000 main floods over Uruguay River watershed : 
atmospheric circulation patterns
M. Caffera / I. Camilloni
Analysis of the relationship between SST Anomalies and River Discharge in the Southeastern Region of Brazil
Andrea de O. Cardoso /
Pedro L. da Silva Dias
Extreme precipitation properties in some regions of Rio de la Plata Basin.
Olga Penalba /
Walter Vargas