Main  Goal & Objetives:



The role of  large-scala sea surface temperature variations in determining climate variability in southeast south america.

To study the tropical-extratropical interaccion related to the circulation and precipetation variability over the mercosur area.

Impacts of climate variability on sectors of social and economic importance in the mercosur region.


The network will make a significant contribution to the capacity building in the region by training Ph.D. Students, who will contribute to the development of policy in issues of Climate variability and change, and prediction of climate. 

An enhancement of the smaller groups will be promoted .
Data exchange should be free and open. We have some facilities and experience at the major participant institutions to manage data. 

A software developed by LBA Program, will be transferred to the CRN. This software (IAI-DIS) will facilitate to members of the project the access to a common Data Bank.
In the planning meetings for the establishing of the Program, it was specifically recommended that an applications component be included from the beginning of our research activities.