Main reseach lines to be developed by PROSUR
 from 2000 to 2002, proposed in the Boulder workshop

Topics, Scientist participants, Collaborators and students:


 Studies of extreme precipitation and temperature events: 
  Climatology of extreme events.
  •  Daily extremes:


  •  Argentina:  Penalba, Bischoff, Vargas, Vera
  •  USA:  Liebmann, 
  •  Paraguay:  Grassi, 
  •  Brazil:  Grimm, Santana, Pscheidt. 


  • Argentina: Bejaran, Rusticucci, Muller, Vargas
  • Brazil: Marengo, Grimm, Olsen
  • Paraguay: Pastén.
  •  Monthly and seasonal extremes: 


  • Brazil: Cavalcanti, Ambrizzi, Marengo, P. Dias, and A. Cardoso
  •  Argentina: Barros, Camilloni, Castañeda, Vargas, Penalba, Bischoff 
Dynamics related to the frequency of extreme rainfall events
  • To explore relationships between the occurrence of daily extreme events and intraseasonal and interannual variations.
  • Brazil: Grimm, Pscheidt, Ferraz, Ambrizzi, Cavalcanti, Castro, Marengo, P. S. Dias and Edilson Marton
  • Argentina: Vera, Fernandez, Salio, Saulo, Nicolini
  • USA: Liebmann, Berbery, Jong-su Paek.
  • Case studies of extreme events in order to understand the regional mechanisms. 
  • Argentina: Fernandez, Salio, Saulo, Nicolini, Cerne, Possia, Campetella, Vera 
  • Brazil: Cavalcanti, Barbosa, Marengo, Seluchi, P. S. Dias, M. A. Dias and R. Hallak
  • USA: Berbery, Jong-su Paek.
  • Dynamics associated with seasonal extremes:
  • Brazil: Cavalcanti, Ambrizzi, Marengo, Nobre
  • Argentina: Barros, Berri, Antico
  • USA: Berbery, Jong-su Paek.

Potential use: Civil defense, Agriculture, Hydroelectric sector.


 Surface processes : 
Preliminary actions on surface energy balances: 
  • Brazil: P. Silva Dias, M. Silva Dias
  • USA: Berbery, 
  • Uruguay: Caffera
Water availability - Soil moisture: 
  • Argentina: Vargas, Barros,
  • Uruguay: Bidegain
  • Brazil: Marengo
 Interactive atmospheric/dynamic vegetation model: 
  • Brazil: P. S. Dias, Castillo, M. Silva Dias, Nobre, D. Moreira. 
Surface hydrology 
  • Argentina: Vargas
  • Brazil: Marengo


 Studies for improvements of regional seasonal predictions:

Mechanisms of climate variability and impact on interannual scales 
  • Remote Processes:
  • Argentina: Barros, Doyle, Silvani, Vera, Berri, Antico, Solman
  • Brazil: Grimm, Ferreira, Pedro S. Dias and Maria A. S.Dias
  • Paraguay: Vazquez
  • Regional and local processes:
    (Diurnal cycle, Topographic influences, Land surface/neighboring seas - atmospheric interactions, LLJ, MCS)


Assessments of operational climate model performance
  • Brazil: Cavalcanti, , Grimm, Camargo, Marengo, Nobre, P. S. Dias and R. Hallak
  • Argentina: Nuñez, Solman, Menendez, Gonzalez


 Preliminary studies of interdecadal variability in the region: 
  • Brazil: Grimm, Della Justina, Marengo, P. S. Dias and Andrea Cardoso
  • Argentina: Vera


  The following two topics will be developed in order to contribute to the accomplishment of the previous four research lines.
Moisture sources (advection vs evaporation; recycling): 
  • USA: Berbery, Liebmann
  • Brazil: Marengo, C. Coelho, Ambrizzi, Grimm,
  • Argentina: Nicolini, Fernández, Saulo, Ulke, , Nuñez, Doyle, Vera
Modeling of the regional climate
  •  Assessments: 
  • Brazil: P. Silva Dias, M. Silva Dias, Cavalcanti, Chou, Renom, Grimm, Marengo
  • Argentina: Nuñez, Solman, Fernandez
  • USA: Berbery,
  • Uruguay: Bidegain, Caffera, Fernández
  • Downscaling: 
  • Argentina: Nuñez, Solman, Menendez
  • Brazil: Marengo
Capacity Building:
  • Model Transferability: 
  • USA: Berbery,
  • Uruguay: Bidegain,
  • Brazil: Marengo
Training and Education: 
  • ALL



The goal is to make available results on these themes by the end of 2002 and present preliminary results at the 2001 PROSUR workshop to be held in Asunción, Paraguay.

   Things to do:
  • Document ways of collaboration and additional funding.
  • In 2 months the list of people involved and collaborations should be defined.
  • Define coordinators per theme.
  • Define potential use of each research line